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About Chem-E-Car

Chem-E-car is a student-driven team where the team members acquire and refine their engineering
skills to design an optimized car every year which promotes creativity and teamwork in fellow
members thereby enhancing their productivity to work on a project independently.

The hands-on application lets you pull it all together thereby providing the platform for students to
apply classroom learning in real-world situation putting all our knowledge to test.


Prof. Datta B Dandge

Faculty Advisor

Chaitanya Kavale

Chem-E-Car Head

Deven Warke

Head- Design and Innovation

Dhanaji Parekar

Head- Documentation and Safety


Primous is Mit-Pune's first Chem-E-Car that was developed to compete in the Chem-E-Car competition held at the  Student Regional Conference, under AIChE, hosted by VIT, Vellore in India. 



  1. Aluminati car runs on electrical energy acquired from the electro-chemical reaction of aluminium and air.

  2. The cells are connected in various combinations as per the requirements of the car to cover the specified distances.

  3. The output of the battery is connected to the motor which in turn drives the wheel.

  4. The Iodine Clock reaction is used  as  Stopping Mechanism



  1. Therm-E-Car is a chemically powered model car, driven by utilizing Thermal Energy obtained from a chemical reaction into an Electrical Energy.

  2. The Thermal Energy is converted into Electrical Energy by using Thermoelectric Generator(TEG)

  3. Continuous flow of reactants are provided in order to maintain the required Temperature Difference

  4. Products coming out from Reactor are collected in the overflow Tank

  5. The Iodine Clock Reaction is used as Stopping Mechanism





  • Team Excelsior participated and procured 25th rank in Annual Chem-E-Car Performance Competition (Aluminati), ASC 2019 Orlando, U.S.A.

  • Team Excelsior procured 1st rank in Regional Chem-E-Car Performance Competition (Therm-E-Car), RSC 2019 India.

  • Team Excelsior procured 2nd rank in Regional Chem-E-Car Performance Competition (Aluminati), RSC 2019 India.

  • Team Excelsior stood 2nd at Chem-E-CarPoster and Safety Inspection (Therm-E-Car), RSC 2019  India.

  • MIT Chem-E-Car team participated in the Student Regional Conference 2018 at VIT Vellore and won the award for “BEST INNOVATIVE DESIGN” in the first attempt.

  • The team stood Second in the Chem-E-Car Competition Poster Session which was also held at SRC at VIT Vellore

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