30-31 August 2019

"The tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life".

 The level of internal organization is Syntropy.

 It is the law of order and organization, finality and differentiation, the ability to attract, evolve and bring together ever-increasing complex forms creating something new.


30-31 August 2019

The 2019 India  Regional Student Conference - SYNTROPY will be held on August 30-31 2019 in MIT-WPU, Pune, India. The theme for Regional Student Conference India 2019 is "Role of Chemical Engineer for the Betterment of Society and Environment". Regional Student Conference is a two day career information, social events and competitions held by one of the student chapters of AIChE in each of the 14 regions based on the geographical locations. The conference will bring together students from all over India to participate in two days of ChemE-related programming, including workshops, competitions, and ample opportunities for attendees to network with their ChemE peers.

The Conference will offer students the opportunities to interact with students from other chapters and professionals from companies to help them expand their career paths. Various events, workshops, competitions will be organised for students to network with young professionals, AIChE leaders and dignitaries from numerous engineering specialities.

Regional conference events will include the official AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition, ChemE Jeopardy, and Paper and Poster Competitions. The AIChE Student Chapters that place first in the Chem-E-Car Competition and first in the ChemE Jeopardy Competition will be invited to compete in the respective 2019 Annual Student Conference competitions in Orlando, Florida, USA this November. In addition, the AIChE student member that places first in the Paper Competition will be entered into the final round of the 2019 AIChE paper competition judging, and will be invited to present research at the 2019 Annual Student Conference.

The workshops organised in the conference include Process Safety and Computational Fluid Dynamics. The conference will also feature a few unique challenges including “Mock Placement” and "Chem-E-Safe," which test participants' ChemE knowledge and real time problem-solving skills along with their aptitude.


More information about these events can be found on the conference web page, which can be accessed via AIChE's website.